Eat from Mother Nature

Somewhere along the way, as a species we thought we could outsmart Mother Nature.

As humans some of us thought we could produce food for convenience and process a range of natural ingredients, add fat, salt and sugar (to make the flavor irresistible) and chemicals to make the food last beyond its “normal” lifespan. Did those very same people believe that this would be health promoting or just plain profitable?

We would suggest that this is all about personal wealth for the people behind the organizations that produce these food like substances. They have no interest in your health at all, just how fat their wallets are.

If you want optimal health, then stay with Mother Nature. Eat whole food plant based meals in the form that Nature produces them for you. Don’t eat them with animal products, or oils or salt or refined sugars. Your body is not designed to properly assimilate such highly processed “foods” which are effectively toxic to you and are very likely to make you ill, eventually.