Highlights from our HEAL Tribe Kickoff Meeting on April 11, 2018

Highlights from our HEAL Tribe Kickoff Meeting on April 11, 2018

Last night we began a journey and laid the foundations for a new community with a passion for health, knowledge and fellowship.

The JAX Vegan Couple (Ubaid & Safura Osmani) along with Lillian McDermott hosted the first meet up of the Jacksonville HEAL Tribe to bring individuals of all backgrounds and stages of healthful living together to share stories and goals to encourage one another on the path of nutritional healing.

The focus of the group is to provide a supportive space for people to grow while sharing testimonies and information about the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. In theme with the group, the meeting was catered with an abundance of delicious vegan Mediterranean food provided by Kaboom Kababs, a local food truck and catering business that did not disappoint! 

As everyone came into the room and put a name tag, we were encouraged to sit next to someone we had never met before and were warmly greeted by the hosts and caterers. We had the youngest and most cutest vegans attend!

We started off with an appetizer of hummus with cauliflower and carrots for dipping, baba ganoush, lentil and potato soup, fresh pita bread with a bean mixture, and even baked falafel instead of the normal fried option! As more and more people arrived we all packed into our meeting room and cozily shared recipes, photos, and our personal journeys of healthy living with one another. The main event had yet to come!

Kaboom Kababs had quite the show in store for us. Everyone’s attention was gathered to the giant pot steaming in the back of the room, which our chef then flipped upside down unto a platter and then shimmied off to reveal the contents inside.

The Maklouba, which translates to ‘upside down’ was full of rice, chickpeas, carrots, eggplant, potatoes, and topped with a whole roasted cauliflower. Everyone cheered in awe and rushed to snap a photo before the beautiful display was dug into and served out for everyone. There was even enough for some to take home leftovers! 

Thank you Florence for sharing the fresh dill with the group!

We settled into our meal and the hosts, now joined by Dr. William Nields sat at the front of the room and introduced themselves and shared their goals for our HEAL Tribe.

Then we went around the room and everyone introduced themselves and told a bit about their journey and what they were hoping to gain from the group. There were stories from all different stages of healthful living. Some who just came to feed their curiosity, some who were brought by loved ones or friends, some who had experienced benefits of dietary change and wanted to know more, and some who had experienced dramatic changes in their health and who were there to share their story. Everyone had something different to offer but the one thing nearly every one in the room expressed was a desire for a community to encourage and support them through their health journey.

With the vast amount of misinformation and temptation in this world, it can feel overwhelming  to try to hone in on your truth and follow a different path without the fellowship of others who can see and understand your true needs. That is why this evening was so impactful in showing the importance of coming together, because after all, the greatest healing therapy is friendship and love. 

The HEAL Tribe will be having monthly meet ups as well as the outlet of a private Facebook group to keep an open forum for recipes, questions, stories, and friendships. Search for us on Dacebook and request to join the Tribe!

If you are on the path of nutritional healing and have been looking for your tribe, look no further and reach out to the JAX Vegan Couple or Lillian McDermott to be added to the group, and we’ll see you at the next meet up! 

We wanted to thank Rockey and Amanda-Jane Liles for sharing this blog write up of the event and their support and love for the Healthy Eating and Living HEAL Tribe!

If you’d like to join our private Healthy Eating and Living HEAL Tribe group find us on Facebook and ask to join. HEAL Tribe Meetup