How to Lower your Cholesterol

If you want to lower cholesterol, you need to stop eating dead animals.

What is cholesterol? It’s a lipid the body produces in the body that deals with elevated acids in the body. The lymphatic system is a cholesterol based system, because that’s were all the acids end up to be eliminated. If your body didn’t contain cholesterol, then their would be no buffering of acids, and you would be in allot of trouble, especially on acid ash diets. 

Elevated cholesterol in the body means systemic acidosis. To much cholesterol in the body means plaquing of the arteries, damages to the endothelial cells, and heart attacks and heart problems are coming. The goal is to keep the body alkaline, and remove the acids out of the body through the eliminative organs, but the more calcification,cholesterol plaquing and mucus that accumulates in the body from acid ash forming foods, you impair the eliminative organs, and after a while death is around the corner. 

Plant foods don’t contain cholesterol, only animal “foods” so consuming these lipids from dead tissue only clog up the body, when eating them.  Animal tissue contains cholesterol, because it’s bodily tissue, not to mention animal tissue is highly acidic, and creates a cationic environment in the human body. You eat plant foods, your cholesterol should drop, because they don’t contain cholesterol, but the body will make it itself, when you eat foods that are acidic, and that’s why it’s best to eat raw plant food sources, mainly fruits, and tender leafy greens if desired. 

It’s a simple fix to get rid of elevated cholesterol in the body, and it’s to stop eating innocent animals, they have all the right to live, like you do, and you have absolutely no essential need to eat them, and the consequence of eating them is elevated cholesterol, which means more acids damaging tissue, and impairing bodily functions, and karma of contributing to the unnecessary suffering of buying animal products for consumption. 

The human body should never deal with elevated cholesterol, this is only a problem humans have created, being on the wrong side of chemistry, (Acids) for way to long, meat was never an essential “food” source, it was a survival “food” source, because humans got stupid, and migrated away from their natural dwelling place, the tropical forest. 

Get rid of the animal products, clean out your lymph system, hydrate and alkalize the body with living foods, get your kidneys filtering, so you can remove the acids, mucus, heavy metals, and chemicals in your body, and you will never be in a position of plaquing your arteries, and damaging your heart, and loosing your joints, kidneys, and ulcerating your bowels, because fruits, and vegetables in their fresh and raw natural state, don’t cause these problems, because they are hydrating alkaline foods, and the body is meant to flow with energy, so that you don’t store excess residues, and mucus in the body, because when you block the flow of energy, and damage the eliminative organs, the lymph system backs up, acids stay at home, and damage tissue, the body brings in more cholesterol to buffer the acid ash chemistry that comes into the body, from the foods your consuming, and this cholesterol plaques up tissue, and your body becomes a rock, and also highly dehydrated, and all this can be easily avoided if humans would just understand the importance of living foods, and why hydration, and alkalinity keeps these problems from occurring, because elevated cholesterol, calcification, and edema takes place when the body is highly acidic, and your not eliminating your waste, but you don’t have to force the body to create these buffers, when you can just hydrate the body with a diet that’s compatible with the homo sapien  species, and science, you science nerds, has already proved that this diet is a fruigivore diet, which means humans were never designed to cook their foods, because fruits don’t have to be cooked to eat, or to be enjoyed in their fresh tree ripened state, natural and organic. 

Alkaline forming foods are fruits and starchless vegetables, acid forming foods are grains, beans, eggs, dairy, and animal tissue. Nuts and seeds that are not raw, soaked and sprouted, can also be highly acidic, and should be avoided. Keep the diet simple, and if you can manage a diet that is designed for you, you will do your best, and that’s a diet that is as simple as the fruit varieties, berries, and melons, because in my opinion humans are pure refined fruigivores! 

Get back to nature my friends, get back to a diet that your biologically design for, tap into your intuitive Consciousness, and let that guide you, and I promise you my friends you will thrive! 

Written by Jonathon Stearns Aka the Mangotarian