Hydrate, Float, Massage

We have been really enjoying the beach taking long walks at sunrise and sunset, and taking time for self-care.

How do you take care of yourself?

If you’re looking for something relaxing to do you should go float for the first time in a sensory deprivation pod at H2Om! 

Floating with H2Om Float was an incredible experience. We felt completely weightless and relaxed from head to toe.  Self-care is crucial for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. 

From start to finish,  we were very impressed with our first experience at H2Om Float. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, the space is calm, clean, and inviting, and the float pods and experience itself are magical. The music was so soothing and we loved how the water felt on our skin, so smooth and clean. If you’re looking for a beautiful atmosphere and a place to you unwind/relax & melt stress away H2OM is your place to go.

Hydrate your Skin, Body & Mind at Pure Hydration

This weekend we got to hydrate our skin, body and mind with the IV Hydration Therapy at Pure Hydration in Jax Beach.

Both of us tried the The Pure Infusion which is known to restore balance & harmony.

It provides the following benefits: 

Increase Hydration

Reduce stress & anxiety

Aid in detoxification

Reduce inflammation

Strengthen immune system

Increase energy levels

Have you tried  IV Hydration Therapy before?  If you haven’t, you must visit Pure Hydration in Jax Beach or Riverside. Pure Hydration is Jacksonville’s premier IV hydration spa, offering customized IV vitamin infusions to support your performance, health, and wellness goals.

Their customized IV infusions and boosters deliver fluids, vitamins, and other supplements to complement an active, healthy lifestyle. Whether your goal is to maximize athletic performance, lose weight, or gain energy to power through your busy day, they offer solutions that deliver quick results – all while escaping into a relaxing, spa-like environment.