Milk does a body Bad!

It’s about time everyone hears the truth about the dairy industry. Watch the documentary movies “Earthlings” and “Cowspiracy” if you’re confused and/or want to educate yourself.

The dairy industry is gasping for air and trying everything they can to stay afloat. 

Dairy is the breastmilk of an impregnated cow. There is no if buts or maybe’s about it. Every component to that animals milk is designed to suit its young for optimal growth. It is designed to turn a calf into a full grown cow. It doesnt matter what type of milk you think is better than the other, All types of cow milk are pathogenic & cause illness in the body. Cows milk has casein and lactase which to for breakdown of those proteins & sugars oir body needs to produce lactase and rennin.  we do NOT produce those enzymes in our bodies. 

So why are we even told to drink it or consume it?

Animal milk is acidic to us and it creates acid chemistry in the body which causes mucus, pain, swelling and a whole other bunch of weird unpleasant symptoms.

Calcium in milk may be present, im not denying it, but considering its an acid hit due to the proteins & sugar we cant breakdown, your body has to pull calcium from other connective tissue & bones to neutralize the acidity. So in reality, what ever calcium you think youre getting from a cows breastmilk is actually causing you to lose more calcium by the end of it…pretty silly cycle hey? 

Milk constipates you, its mucus forming and its the most acidic food group you could consume. Milk products are filled with fluids containing sex hormones ‘estrogen & progesterone’ and the BOVINE (cow) growth hormone IG-1, Bovine growth hormone? In a human body? Sex hormones that are not the same as a humans sex hormones? Eeek.

Dairy, because of these things i just mentioned, causes tumors in OUR body & encourages them to grow! It congests our lymphatic system and our lymphatic system is our ‘sewer system’…responsible for removing toxic metabolic waste.

Our bodies cannot function efficiently with congestion. If your lymph system is congested, your immunity will be poor and you will become very unwell. 

Milk and other dairy products formed from milk are not for human consumption. Eat hydrating, non mucus causing foods that are alkaline & you will welcome back your health and happiness.