Mirror Mirror on the wall which is the best OIL of all – None!

It seems like there is a lot of confusion,  about what is actually beneficial for health and what is detrimental.

Especially when it comes to oil. The evidence is clear. But the confusion always comes from the best science MONEY can buy. And this is not only true for animal exploitation industries. The olive oil and coconut oil industries have done a great job marketing their disease causing products!

Olive oil is NOT a health food. It is highly processed. It has been separated from the fruit, by squeezing the juice out, then isolating the pure fat. There is no fibre, it is low in nutrients, EXTREMELY high in calories, inflammatory and damages arteries.

If you like the taste, or perceive it as healthy, that doesn’t make it beneficial. It’s your perception that needs to change, not the fact that it’s been shown to be extremely detrimental by the best available evidence. 

Dr Esselstyn presents several studies in this short video. He is an esteemed physician and scientist and has saved countless lives. But he’s only one of many lifestyle experts who have understood what the best available evidence is showing. That a whole foods, plant based nutrition is the optimal one for human health and longevity, and therefore, oil and sugar are detrimental. These esteemed physicians and researchers include but are not limited to:

Dr Caldwell Esselstyn jr.

Dr Dean Ornish

Dr Michael Greger

Dr John McDougall 

Dr Michael Klaper

Dr Garth Davis

Dr Ron Weiss

Dr Neil Barnard

Dr Kim Williams

Dr Joel Furhman

Dr Brooke Goldner

Dr T. Collin Campbell

Dr Robert Ostfeld 

Dr Scott Stoll

Dr Milton Mills 

Dr Joel Kahn

Dr Alan Goldhamer

Dr Jim Loomis

Dr Pam Popper

Dr Cyrus Khambatta

Dr Linda Carney