PAIN… what is pain?

Why do we experience pain in localized areas in our bodies? 

Pain is acids… pain is caused by high protein foods…pain is dairy… pain is animal products … pain is wheat, pain is processed, fast food, pain is complex, foreign chemistry… pain is a warning signal from nature… pain is telling…pain is dehydration….

We can counteract our pain overtime, by introducing alkaline, hydrating chemistry, by returning to the foods our bodies recognize as correct fuel…

Believe it or not, we humans were designed to ingest specific types of foods for a optimal health, when we eat less than optimal foods, the body must invoke mucus, acids, etc., to counteract & breakdown the foreign chemistry… when we continually bring in less -than -optimal -foods, overtime, disease manifests as a warning signal to change now, or pay the price…

“Pain is always reflecting the buildup of proteins or acids in the body, that’s all it’s reflecting”

Source ~ Dr. Robert Morse, N.D.

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