Summertime Salads

Every possible nutrient that you need to eat can come from plants. – Except vitamin B12 – this comes from a bacteria usually present in the topsoil- but due to the use of chemicals (herbicides and pesticides) and our exceptional hygiene practices you are unlikely to get enough in your diet- we therefore recommend a 1000mg sublingual B12 supplement, once or twice a week.

This is the only supplement that you need if you eat a whole food plant based diet without oil, salt and refined sugars. Period!!Most animals that humans eat, ate plants. These animals absorb amino acids and combine them into proteins that there bodies need.

Eating animal products for proteins or omega acids is like smoking cigarettes to get fresh air – it doesn’t make a lot of sense – just eat plants directly, and get these nutrients directly from the original source, in the form that nature intended. How did the cow get it’s calcium? How did fish get Omega 3’s? How did cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks get their proteins? They all ate plants to get these nutrients.

So can you!

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