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Beautycounter – Safe Products for You and Your Family

The three pillars of Beautycounter are education, advocacy, and high performing products. Our mission is to educate, engage and inspire our followers with tips, resources and information for a healthy YOU!  Better health means what you put in your body as well as what you put on it. We really want to teach people so they can make better choices for their families.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your toxic makeup? Say hello to Beautycounter! Better Beauty, safer beauty, clean beauty should be a way of life. As you know, we have been researching for a while for healthy, safe beauty products that we believe in. So excited to have finally found Beautycounter and to become consultants for this brand.

Beautycounter provides safer skin care and clean cosmetics. Their beauty collection includes safer skin care, hair care, bath & body products, kids’ and babies’ products, anti-aging treatments, men’s products and high-performance makeup.

Simply put, Beautycounter is a brand of non-toxic personal care products, from skincare and makeup to sunscreen, body wash, shampoo and they even have special lines for men, kids, and babies!

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Did you know there are over 1,500 ingredients on their “never list”, and Beautycounter is Certified by the Environmental Working Group.

Beautycounter is SO MUCH MORE than just a clean beauty brand; it’s a movement. Not only was Beautycounter  THE MOST GOOGLED beauty brand in 2018, but they are truly changing the industry by changing the laws. Their advocacy work (like lobbying for the Personal Care Products Safety Act) is so inspiring and makes a huge impact, and the company personally does a ton of ingredient research, studies, and third-party testing to make sure their products are safe.

Beautycounter tests their makeup three times for 10 heavy metals before its sold and creates laws around transparency and safety.  They are also a Certified B. Corp to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, which is HUGE!

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B E A U T Y C O U N T E R was also featured on CBS. People are demanding safer products, check out the short video to learn more.…/cosmetics-unregulated-chemicals-…/

Between their EWG Certification, their never list, third-party testing, advocacy work in Washington and transparency, this brand is clean, non-toxic, safe and actually works!  It just made sense for us to become Beautycounter consultant and offer these safe beauty products to our followers.  Visit to learn more and to place your order!