Do you know what is in Citric Acid?

If your food contains ingredients or preservatives, it’s not really food…. the body responds & recognizes whole foods… here’s some key information about citric acid. See if your store bought lemon has citric acid… sounds very innocent, it doesn’t sound harmful at all, however it’s acid forming within the body.

“Citric acid is one of the most common food additives. Most people think it is derived from lemons or other citrus fruit and that used to be so.

Today’s citric acid is created from Aspergillus niger, a common black mold. This particular strain is not as lethal as others, however it can still pose serious health risks for certain people.

Black mold is able to cheaply and efficiently convert sugars into citric acid. The sucrose or glucose is usually derived from GMO corn starch and fed to the black mold to create citric acid.

There is a growing concern that citric acid derived in this way is causing negative health effects. As always, don’t eat processed food and more wholefoods from the Earth.