Bali Guide – 15 Things to Do

We truly enjoyed our 14-day tour around Bali and Singapore.  Taking this time off really allowed us to have a well-balanced holiday that took us to see the natural, cultural and artistic sites of North and South Bali, Indonesia and Singapore.

15 Things we loved to do in Bali

The top 15 things to do in Bali make it by far the most popular for visitors of Indonesia. It is a tropical hideaway full of adventure, paradise, a spiritual journey, a food lover’s paradise.

  1. Visit Tegenungan Waterfall – located in the lush forest just outside of Ubud.
  2. Go to as many rice terraces as you can especially Tegalalang where the movie scenes of Eat, Pray, Love were filmed.  These beautiful rice terraces surrounded by lush palm trees and tropical greeneries makes Tegalalang a sight to behold. 
  3. Visit the Pura Taman Ayun an ancient royal temple.
  4. If you love animals go to Kedaton Monkey Forest – play with the monkeys and stroll through the forest, you’ll stumble upon old statues, intricate bridges overflowing streams, and 14th century temples.
  5. Watch a spectacular sunset at Tanah Lot Temple -this Hindu temple has long been a pilgrimage site built within a stunning rock facade by the sea.
  6. Go to a spa and take flower baths and massages daily
  7. Stay at Mandapala Ritz Carlton in Ubud Bali luxurious experience
  8. Visit the Ubud Bali Swings and Nests – jungle surrounded by water oversized swings that flutter you over incredible panoramic views. 
  9. Drink fresh coconut water and eat all the exotic fruits
  10. Try all the delicious Balinese food especially Laksa
  11. Shop at Ubud markets also known locally as Pasar Seni Ubud, is an artisan market where you can see and buy local handicrafts. Batik fabric with designs is made here and souvenirs galore.
  12. Take a Ferry to the Nusa Islands – they are only 45 minutes away by boat for some rest and relaxation.
  13. Hike up to a Volcano at sunrise at Mount Agung
  14. Go surfing at one of Bali’s beautiful beaches
  15. Visit the famous Gates of Heaven has the most spectacular sunset views at dusk as it is situated high on the mountain slope.

In northern Bali, we went to see the scenic rice terraces of Papuan and Antosari as well as where the movie scenes of Eat, Pray, Love were filmed.  

Magical Northern Bali

The magic of north Bali was filled with picturesque beautiful green rice terraces as far as the eye can see; black sandy beaches; and the smell of incense floating on the breeze.

This tour took us back to nature and with Bali’s scenery in all its glory. The north of Bali is home to national parks, serene coastline and mountains, lakes, springs and waterfalls.

We loved the Ubud Bali Swings and Nests – jungle surrounded by water oversized swings that flutter you over incredible panoramic views. 

Bali Ubud Swing
Flying through the air of jungle views in Bali!
Bali Swing and Nest
Eat, Pray, Love and Nest!

Mystical Eastern Bali

On this full-day tour we went deeper into the intricate, ancient and unique cultural heritage of Bali. The eastern corners of the island are not as developed as the south and there are many unexplored treasures to be found here. Taking in the Bali’s most holy Hindu site, the former capital and a distinctive village that has remained culturally intact since the 16th century.

In the Eastern part of Bali, we visited Bali’s unique cultural heritage and marveled at Pura Taman Ayun (an ancient royal temple), strolled through and watched a spectacular sunset at Tanah Lot Temple.  

Image result for kedaton monkey forest bali

Next, visit the Kedaton Monkey Forest, a nature reserve and sanctuary for crab eating macaque monkeys. Walked through the lush greenery of the tropical rainforest, watched the playful primates as they monkeyed around.

Admired the beauty at the Royal Temple of Mengwi—Pura Taman Ayun—built in honor of past ancestors and deities. The intricate architectural designs and surrounding landscapes were breathtaking. 

Went to the Balinese Pilgrimage Temple, uniquely located atop a large offshore rock. Explored this religious site and enjoyed panoramic views of the sunset.

At Bukit Jambul, we stopped for a refreshing view over the beautiful valley. On our way through the east of Bali, we also discovered the traditional village of Penglipuran.

Shopping the Bazaar in Ubud, Bali                                                         

Bali is a shopper’s paradise. If you want to go shopping at all the right places in Bali.  You can find some authentic handcrafted souvenirs in the places they are made. Batubulan Village is renowned for its stone carving art. The most famous silver and gold craftsmen are found in Celuk Village, while in Ubud you will find many paintings, both in traditional and modern style. Drop into one of the many galleries and take a stroll around the city’s art market.

Mandapa, Ritz-Carlton Reserve a Sanctuary for inner Peace

In addition to the beautiful sights, islands and beaches to explore, try to stay at a luxury resorts in Bali it’s so worth it. Enjoyed our stay at the Mandapa, Ritz-Carlton Reserve a sanctuary for inner peace, beauty, exploration and tranquility. We decided to spend our last two days in a luxury resort to relax and prepare for our flight to Singapore. 

We couldn’t imagine a better way to end our amazing vacation here! 

The Ritz-Carlton Bali was so luxurious, with vast beaches , private villas, rice fields, rivers and mountain backdrops. The sheer opulence and utter extravagance start at the lobby, which is perched on a high cliff. Each cottage has its own butler and they cater to your every need.

Vegan Scene in Bali

There are so many delicious vegan spots in the Bali food scene.  Even if we ate at a different restaurant in Bali every day for a year we would not get tired of all of the amazing vegan food choices most epic and mouthwatering experience of our life. 

At Zest Ubud, our favorite vegan restaurant in Bali, all the ingredients used are sourced locally, supporting organic farmers, local artisans and even some of their staff grow their produce at home.

Everything is more than fresh and nourishing, which you really taste through the food on your plate. The meals are so reasonably priced considering the high quality of ingredients and delicacies. 

Check the video below for all the amazing views at Zest. Zests balcony gardens overlook the Campuhan bridges pristine jungles. Right outside on the decks, you can see the most stunning Avatar-like trees in Ubud and ethereal zen gardens with fascinating rock structures.
Zest Vegan Restaurant in Ubud, Bali the Best Ever – we went twice to eat here during our visit to Bali.

Traditional Balinese Breakfast consists of both sweet and savory.
Bali Breakfast ~ Savory celebrations with zesty Balinese spices like galangal, kencur, lemongrass and lots of chopped colorful chilli.

Fresh coconut, ginger, lemon and herbs sprinkled on soups, fried rice – Nasi Goreng, Noodles and lots of fresh vegetables.
Every day our Breakfast was poolside with lots of savory dishes:

Baked sweet potatoes fries, veggie tempura, Nasi goreng, Balinese noodles, root vegetable & cabbage, bok choy soup, fresh salad+ exotic fruit platter with fresh pineapple + guava juice and jasmine tea.

Click to see detailed list with pictures of the 15 most exotic fruits of Bali such as Mangosteen, Snakefruit, Dragonfruit, Soursop, and Rambutan.

Vegan eateries are everywhere, here are some we tried:

Kynd Community’s gourmet toasts in Seminyak were out of this world!   There are several variations to choose from, all named after famous vegan leaders such as; Ghandi, Nelson, Einstein, and Luther King. We ate the avocado option, and it was the best avocado toast we ever had.  It has a beautiful interior design with pink and white walls, adorable decor, and palm trees all around, this place is very picturesque and dreamy.

Peloton Supershop, Matcha Café, Secret Spot, The Loft, Roti Daal, Bali Buddha, Café Vida, Seeds of Life and Cassava were some of our other favorites!

The Seeds of Life raw vegan café in Ubud. was just so healthy and delicious, there are so many raw vegan cafes, too MANY  to count plus they are all great!

IL Tempio – Delicious blending of the couscous with the perfect-grilled veggies and the delicately-spiced vegan pesto on the side.  Pure culinary pleasure of taste buds tingling when we ate the salad with the beet caviar was just mouth-watering!

At Alchemy and Soma we ate scrumptious food, lounged on couches, played musical instruments and ate some more. This popular Ubud hangout is a café, shop, and community gathering space all in one. Most of the menu is raw, and the food is made from fresh, local ingredients.

Good food choices are good investments.

On the go passing through Bali Airport to Singapore. We stopped to eat at La Place Naturally Fresh, all their food is so delicious We ordered a warm falafel faltbread, grilled veggies panini with pesto and tapenade sauce.

To quench our thirst we had fresh smoothies made with passion fruits dragonfruit , coconut, and pineapple. The green smoothie had cucumber, spinach, mango, orange, lime, green apples.