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Top 5 Food Misconceptions 

I need to eat more protein. I should be consuming dairy products. Chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs are healthy sources of protein. I shouldn’t eat carbs. Healthy food is too expensive.

List of Resources – Books, Documentaries, and Websites

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays?




Benefits of Plant-Based Eating

Prevent and reverse the leading chronic ailments.
Reach your ideal weight.
Improve mental clarity.
Experience positive effects, not side effects.
Have a sense of well-being and empowerment.




Welcome to The Plant-Based Eating Journey

We are so excited to share our healthy recipes to inspire you!  There are many dishes here for you to try from Indian/Fusion to sandwiches, smoothies & salads to lentils & grains. We hope that you will find these simple, healthy, no-oil dishes easy to make and share with your family and friends.   On the Recipes tab you will see the exact recipes with a list of ingredients and instructions and pictures so that you can keep them and make them year-round.

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