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Welcome to our site JAX Vegan Couple

We are Ubaid & Safura the healthy couple on a vegan quest for about 10 years.  We relocated to Jacksonville, Florida two years ago from Chicago for our jobs in IT and Marketing. The idea of living some place warm near the ocean provided an air of excitement and adventure we were looking for!

Since our move to Jacksonville, we haven’t looked back!  We love the year-round sunshine, yoga on the beach, and eating fresh organic produce from the local farmers.  We have met so many wonderful people in Jacksonville and feel truly blessed for their friendship. After getting settled, we began hosting block parties and monthly potlucks in doing so, introduced neighbors to vegan indian/fusion food and teaching them about different cuisines.

We love entertaining other families in our home – it’s a great way to develop friendships, stay connected and teach them about healthier plant-based eating.  We are passionate about a healthy lifestyle, working out and staying fit.  That means eating a healthy diet.  So the whole-foods plant-based eating is not a diet it’s a lifestyle that we have incorporated over the years.

We have been vegan for about 10 years and are passionate about healthy plant-based eating and love to share our knowledge with others.  When we went vegan we began feeling more energetic, stronger, creative and happier than ever before, we wanted to learn more from the top experts in the food and health field. We read The China Study, watched Forks Over Knives and learned more about the teachings of doctors Joel Furhman, Michael Greger, Joel Kahn, Michael Klaper, John McDougall, Caldwell Esselstyn, and Neal Barnard.

To further our passion for cooking and to hone our skills we became certified in Forks over Knives nutrition cooking classes.  We follow some of the top blogs and participate in webinars and forums such as:  GMOs Revealed, Vaccinations, and Stem Cell Research to name a few.  We wanted to combine our desire to cook plant-based food with the knowledge of what is a healthy diet ­– and to create a cuisine that is healthy, hearty, and flavorful.

Friends and family always came to us for healthful advice, recipes and always wanting to know more about whole foods plant-based eating.  With all the knowledge and passion to help others we launched our social platform JAX Vegan Couple.  The name evolved from the fact that we live in Jacksonville (JAX) the fact that we are vegan and on a healthy quest as a couple.

Through our channels we educate, engage and inspire people to a healthy nutritious eating lifestyle.   Through education we take time to sit down with our clients and let them know the food they have been eating was actually hurting and not helping them. Try and explain it in a way they can understand. Take them to the grocery store and teach them how to read labels, explaining where the ingredients in their old favorites come from.

We love to teach people through cooking demos, meal preps, grocery tours, cleaning out the pantry and fridge.  We prepared a 21-Day whole foods plant-based meal plan e-book which has over 70 recipes, getting started guide, grocery list and healthful tips.

We are passionate about spreading the message about this healthy lifestyle.  It has been a rewarding experience to feel connected to the foods we eat. Our goal is to provide motivation, practical guidance and a support system to profoundly improve people’s lives. We share the science, the inspirational stories and the delicious recipes. We are a community where healthy conversations lead to powerful transformations.

We also love to help and spread good cheer in the community.  We have volunteered at Tour de Farms, Concious Mingle, JAX Veg Fest, C&S Citrus Farm, countless community vegan events and meet-ups.

On the JAX Vegan Couple website you will find daily vegan recipes.  There are many dishes for people to try from Indian/Fusion to sandwiches, smoothies & salads to lentils & grains. We also provide a getting started and resources section which elaborates on healthy tips, articles & video clips from famous doctors, nutritionists and holistic health providers.  No matter what diet or lifestyle you follow, our hope is that there is something that you can take away from our social channels and website!

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