5 Sessions Coaching Package – Health & Nutrition



Coaching on Health & Nutrition

Are you investing in your health?
Picture yourself with better health!  We will teach you how to get started and reclaim your health quickly through a whole food plant-based vegan diet and lifestyle.
– Reduce or eliminate medication
– Lose weight for good without starving
– Reduce blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar
– Nourish your body with whole food plant-based eating
– Improve digestion, sleep, energy levels, mood and attitude

Here’s What You Get Five 1-hour Sessions – $497

Free 30-minute Phone Consultation
Coach on Health & Nutrition

Provide List of what to Eat on a Plant-Based Lifestyle
Grocery Shopping and Reading Labels
Guidelines for Must-Have Items in Your Fridge and Pantry
Tips for Planning and Prepping for Meals

Let’s work together by phone or video chat to create your personal vegan menu plan, vegan meal ideas, grocery shopping tips and techniques, choosing what produce to buy, how to read labels and what to avoid.  Tips on what to eat daily, weekly, must-have items in the fridge and pantry and 24/7 access to our online resources and support through email and private Facebook group.

Educate:  Our plan is full of resources and has the tools you need to get prepped and organized. From the Getting Started section, to Cleaning out your Pantry and Fridge, Grocery Lists, Meal Prep Guides, Popular Recipes, and Resources, which have tons of popular websites, books to read, and documentaries to watch. Each week we post updates on plant-based research, new films, interviews, and news. This sort of info is shared on the JAX Vegan Couple website, on our YouTube channel, and through our incredible Facebook group.

Engage:  The JVC Members Only Facebook Group will hold you accountable like your best friend. This is a place to Engage and share your journey with a team of like-minded people, all eating whole foods that are plant-based, together. We share our tips, tools, inspiration, recipes, struggles, success, milestones, and more.

Inspire:  Our 21-Day Meal Plan is the answer to your most difficult questions on the diet: THE FOOD. We will Inspire you with simple, delicious, and easy to make recipes that are not time consuming. They are versatile, so you can swap meals on different days and have plenty left over to use later in the week.  We provide shopping lists by category and stores where you can purchase ingredients. We also let you know how much and how often to purchase. The simple daily meal prep sheets make breakfast, lunch and dinner easy and are full of great recipes.

Contact Details

Ubaid (63o) 699-7860
Safura (630) 430-2632
Email: contact@jaxvegancouple.com

We can do a phone or skype call, email us for more information.

DISCLAIMER: JAX Vegan Couple are Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educators certified by Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and Forks over Knives Whole Foods Plant-Based Cooking. JAX Vegan Couple, LLC, is owned and operated by Ubaid and Safura O. The content and material on this website should not be considered medical advice nor medical treatment for any specific health conditions. JAX Vegan Couple are not health care providers or clinical nutritionist. Consult your doctor before changing your diet and discuss any and all medications you are on including monitoring your health for positive changes that may affect the amount of medication you are taking.


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