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The Jax Vegan Couple membership provides a roadmap for your health and wellness journey. You’ll find resources from top health doctors, tips, recipes, and more. You will have access to over 100s of recipes, meal plans, grocery list, documentaries, webinars, and more.

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$149 Value for $49 – Limited Time Offer

Annual Membership – Valid for 12 months

Download the JVC 21-Day Meal Plan E-Book

Starting a plant-based diet can be overwhelming! That’s where our 21-Day Meal Plan kicks in…  We believe in the motto we live by, “Doing Good Is Good for Your Health” and our three fundamental ingredients… Educate, Engage and Inspire. That is the magic combination to help you and others get started on the Whole Foods Plant Based diet. Are you READY to take that FIRST step and get started? Over 70 Meal Plans & Recipes, Grocery List, Resources and so much MORE!  Your health starts NOW Download Meal Plan & Shopping List

5 Session Coaching Package – Health & Nutrition

Are you investing in your health?

Picture yourself with better health!  We will teach you how to reclaim your health quickly through a whole food plant-based vegan diet and lifestyle!

We will teach you how to:

  • Reduce or eliminate medication
  • Lose weight for good without starving
  • Reduce blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar
  • Nourish your body with whole food plant-based eating
  • Improve digestion, sleep, energy levels, mood and attitude