Weekend Getaway to Cumberland Island

Perfect covid getaway for the night or the weekend!  Just a short ferry ride from the coast of Amelia lies the most magical place with live oaks dripping in Spanish moss, wild horses, and old ruins of times past and rich in history and culture.

Cumberland Island only accessible by boat, is about an hour and a half away from Amelia Island where we boarded the ferry to get to Greyfield Inn.

The Island offers 18-miles of nearly-isolated beachfront, 300-year-old live oaks draped with Spanish moss, crushed shell paths, and an abundance of wildlife untouched by the outside world. 

If you stay the night, there is so much to enjoy on the island, there is wild horses, hikes, historical sites, miles of bike and walking paths, pristine beaches, fresh food from the garden and so much more. With numerous paths to choose from, exploring Cumberland by bike is one of the best ways to see the island. 

After a morning of delicious breakfast on the porch swing and a yummy picnic basket for lunch we walked along the beach and trails feeling like we had taken a step back in time.

Built by the Carnegies in 1890 on Cumberland Island, The Greyfield Inn was the 19th century retreat of Thomas and Lucy Carnegie. In 1962, the home was converted into a grand hotel offering 15 comfortable rooms in the main house and two additional cottages.

The guests are treated to three meals daily, including breakfast, a picnic lunch, and a three course, southern-coastal dinner. The 1.5-acre Greyfield Garden supplies a bounty of fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs, honey, and even fresh cut flowers, making each meal at Greyfield a truly authentic farm-to-table experience.  We loved our picnic basket filled with healthy food that we enjoyed in the beautiful grounds.

The Dungeness are the gorgeous ruins were once part of a stately mansion built and owned by the Carnegie family in the 1800s during the time when the Carnegie family owned nearly all of the large island. The island is filled with history, gorgeous forests, and lots and lots of animals.

With its rich history, diverse wildlife, yummy food and being somewhat secluded, Cumberland Island has all the things for you to explore. Greyfield Inn’s destination has about 200-acres of unspoiled land from the marshland on the west and ocean to the east. Cozy fireplaces and a breezy, shaded veranda with rocking chairs make the inn a wonderful year-round travel destination.

This is a must for your bucket-list places to visit during this pandemic.  The Inn is taking all necessary precautions with the social distancing and corona. For more info on Cumberland Island, visit: www.cumberlandisland.com.